About Us

Allion HSE Sdn Bhd (Allion) is a leading business entity offering Consultancy Services in the area of Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) disciplines. We assist our clients' organizations and industries to comply with all the relevant legal requirements, making them more effective in their business management, and subsequently optimizing their business environment and productivity. Allion was formed to help organization/industries to comply with the Department of Environment (DOE) and Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) regulations. Across the country, owners and managers in the industry are trying to cope with regulatons governing various environmental and safety issues.

By combining our years of consulting expertise with environmental and safety technology skills, we assist our clients with the unique challenges of managing their environmental and safety responsibilities. Allion has brought together a team of professional, experienced individuals to develop cost effective solutions, economic concerns to help and provide the best mix of problem solving for your organization to achieve compliance. Allion aggresively to deliver excellence service quality and timly of Health, Safety and Environmental solutions consultations and services in order to help our clients to plan, manage, and ensure the sustainability of their operations and businesses.

In view of the current complexities of issue in the working environment, especially pertaining to compliance, risk management or reporting, Allion has developed a solution in the form of powerful software called ADAMS or Allion Data Management System. ADAMS integrates Health, Safety and Environmental compliance requirement into one single system to enable businesses to monitor their company's legal compliance status more effectively. Apart from the system, Allion has been on of the companies that standing strong behind those organizations and our clients upon their obidience towards the compliances. We had encountered some clients with their difficulties and had been providing them with other Health & Safety and also Environmental monitoring services and consultancies by our competence consultants.

We make your working environment as safe as possible by carefully performing Health, Safety & Environment assignment through the best practices, we ensure that organizations have effective occupational health and safety systems in a place to protect employees, generate customer confidence and enhance your business reputation. Allion is committed to provide a Total Solution in the form of an efective and packaged HSE management system for your business. With our years of experience in HSE consultation, we are confident that we can offer the best HSE consultancy services to your company.